A digital patient journey

Digital often promotes the benefits for consumers or end users. However there are also numerous benefits operationally for organisations to adopt technology and automation. 60% of the younger generations of both patients and professionals support the use of technology in healthcare. 71% would like to engage healthcare through a mobile application or interface.

Adopting new ideas does not necessarily need large technology investment. Providing a solution to findability in a complex multi site environment can be through the adoption of what3words. An innovative solution built from digital methodologies that can provide patients (and staff) with an engaging solution at a low cost.

The patient journey below outlines a simple generic patient flow through a hospital, to which some opportunities have been highlighted with benefits. If you would like to know more about what else we are doing with digital in healthcare contact us.



Leave A&E


Bed allocation






Transfer to ward


Less urgent injuries and illness


Urgent injuries and illness


Waiting time based on process of test results and required decision on best treatment


Further investigation required to assess the injury or illness


Exit A&E after treatment or referral to other service outside of the hospital


Patients requiring further treatment are admitted to a ward


Major injuries




Brought to A&E via

emergency services



Hand over








See and treat


Minor injuries


Self attend A&E


Nurse assess urgency of injury or illness


Confirmation of emergency services assessment


Assessment and treatment in one step


Life threatening injuries and illness (immediate attention)


Waiting time based on order of arrival


Waiting time based on order of urgency




















Information dashboards
Operational dashboards presenting and visualising relevant information and data live, for management, process and financial measures.


  • Operational dashboards for people, process and financials

  • Dynamic bed management

  • RFID tracking and monitoring of patients, staff and assets

Reduce average lengths of stay and increases the number of patients seen
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Automated tracking
Increase the effectiveness of patient care, staff utilisation and commercial measurements while bringing about reductions in cost.


  • eRostering and automated scheduling

  • Patient self-service registration

  • Interoperability of information between departments

Streamline access points to services and specialists
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Dynamic workforce
Improve planning and scheduling of services and staff by improving processes and adopting workforce management technology.


  • Coordinated organisational change management

  • Workflow standardisation by patient not department

  • Detailed analytics and insight

Reduce variability in care between specialisms
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Social media
Utilising social media platforms to better engage with patients and staff. Reducing cost, improving engagement and communication.


  • Access to data and information

  • Paperless automation and  rules based processing

  • Optimised use of suppliers management

Improved decision making across all departments
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Care optimisation
Automation of both clinical and administrative processes through process evaluation, optimisation and adoption of technology.


  • Real-time business intelligence and integrated dashboards

  • Transparent performance metrics and accountability

  • Consistent quality monitoring and reporting

Continuous operational and productivity improvements
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Intelligent buildings
Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be utilised beyond construction of a new hospital. Once established it can be used to manage utilities, space and building operations.
An integrated, single-source of information across the entire health environment, providing a coordination point for smart devices, energy management, such as smart lighting and utilities management.
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