Our approach

When you consider what digital can do for your business it can seem costly and complex.  To help you define what you need and decide on what should be your priority, Collinson Grant has developed a three stage approach to break the challenge down.  It is designed to educate, focus on what can be achieved now through 'test and learn' projects, while still considering the future.


This approach provides immediate benefits to your business, helping you to focus on what is important today, develop and adopt new ideas, and start a different way of thinking for your team.  Ensuring that digital becomes part of your business is a true enabler, not a daunting challenge.


Our three stage approach can be followed in a linear engagement or as individual sessions.  Which you choose depends on what you have done already and how quickly you want to make changes.

Stage 1
Understand the art of the possible and develop ideas.
Digital labs and workshops.

A collaborative event or workshop designed to generate ideas and get people thinking about digital.  You will understand the art of the possible and gain an understanding of your business challenges.  We then go on to explore how digital can provide benefits to your business.


Sample outputs:

  • An understanding of digital that is relevant to your business.

  • Competitor/industry research and overview.

  • An exploration of concepts and ideas to verify their feasibility.

  • Expert technology insight and overviews.

  • Your business requirements.

Stage 2
Understand the 'as is'
business and requirements.
Develop a framework.

A structure to provide your business with a vision for the future and clear objectives to achieve it.  This begins by understanding the current state: people, processes and technology, which are mapped to a framework that helps educate people, manage change and promote innovation.


Sample outputs:

  • Business and talent maturity matrix.

  • Opportunities portfolio.

  • Customer experience journeys.

  • Storyboards.

  • Business case.

  • Rapid prototyping.

Stage 3
Create a plan to get you to where you want to go.
A change roadmap.

We work with you to create a roadmap to achieve short-, mid- and long-term objectives for your business.  It starts small, with initiatives that provide immediate benefits through a 'test and learn' approach.  We work on immediate business benefit and positive change to promote sustainability and meet your long-term commitments.


Sample outputs:

  • Programme of work.

  • Project briefings.

  • Commercial and business benefits validation.

  • Governance and project management.

We work closely with you, and your people to take a pragmatic look at digital and its impact on your business.  This means that we can be sure that everything moves at a pace that suits your needs, budget and capability.  Our goal is that your business should adopt digital in a form that works for you and achieves long-term results.  To get started take a look at our digital labs. >> click here for more.