Digital strategy

No matter how you see digital and its effect on your organisation, you need a plan that begins with the reality of your business objectives.  Digital can fulfil any objective you have, so your ambition and willingness to embrace the art of the possible are the only real obstacles.

We provide the experience and capability that allow you to simplify the complex topic of digital into manageable opportunities.  Through immersive and experiential workshops we help identify the initiatives that will provide the best opportunities for you and your organisation to learn digital at a pace that suits current thinking and capability.  It also gives you the ability to take immediate advantage of the benefits.


Our approach creates a roadmap for digital adoption that balances investment and change with your organisation's current and future business model and the rapid education and adoption of digital thinking.  It is pragmatic and works for your business today and in the future.


We work with you to build a roadmap that can help you:

  • Complete a digital project.

  • Change a service proposition.

  • Improve your business operating models.

  • Disrupt your industry or sector.

  • Transform your business.


Some of the questions we answer include:

  • What areas of digital should I focus on - go-to-market strategy versus product/service innovation?

  • What is going to be the biggest risk and benefit to my business?

  • Should I concentrate on improving my current business model, or should I invest in a new digital model?

  • Should I consider disrupting my market or adopting a defensive approach to protect my business?

  • Should I work on multiple small ideas, or invest time and effort in a few larger ones?

  • How robust is my business, can I afford to stand still?

What do I need to make digital work for me (technology, data, standards and processes)?

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Internet of things - connected industry


Connected technology has allowed many businesses to bring physical activity into their digital environment to create a fully integrated business model.  This gives them innovative operating environments, greater productivity and makes them more efficient.


We help you identify the best opportunities for using connected technologies by creating use cases, proof-of-concept strategies, detailed business cases, and development approaches that facilitate full-scale connected solutions.


We are technology agnostic and flexible; we focus on helping our clients become self-sufficient.  Once we have identified the right IoT solution for your business, we help to develop your organisation and people to cope with the initial innovation and the long term continuous development.


As well as our knowledge of the new methodologies and technology we have extensive experience of specific industries, which makes what we do relevant to your business, its operating environment and industry.


Services we offer:

  • Introductory workshop and knowledge sharing.

  • Industry insight and analysis.

  • Business maturity assessment and audit.

  • Business process design and optimisation.

  • Opportunity analysis and prioritisation.

  • Service design and prototyping.

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It is the fuel for your digital engine, but can be a complex challenge.

At the core of digital is the rapid, efficient, availability of data that supports interaction, transaction and interpretation.  Data are one of the core foundations for any digital project or business change process.

As almost every part of today's business is affected by digital technology, data connectivity and integration are becoming critical components.  We help you understand the value of your data by working with you to better understand what you already have, what you need to do with it today and how you can use it to provide long lasting business value.


We start by looking at what you have now to provide insights into current business activity that help businesses make better decisions.  We then apply best practice, standardise the processes, analyse the data and use technology to make data an enabler for your business.


Integrating data from several silos allows quicker access, which gives you a platform to operate more efficiently and develop faster.  As we are technology agnostic we look at what works best for your organisation, including what it will cost, what benefits it will provide, as well as the functional requirements.

Once you understand the lifecycle of data within your business you can analyse it to find out more about how your customers behave, how well your operations perform and to gain a more accurate commercial insight.  This approach also makes it more manageable to apply data governance standards such as cybersecurity and GDPR, removing the biggest challenge facing most business of controlling access to disparate data sets.

Services we offer:

  • Business data maturity assessments.

  • Data strategy review, design and development.

  • Technical data audit and recommendations.

  • Business operating data model design.

  • Corporate legislation and standards compliance evaluation – ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR.

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