Digital Labs

Innovation and change that suits the pace of your business

Not sure what digital means to your business, or where to start?

The Collinson Grant Innovation Lab allows you to explore digital at a pace that suits you and your team.  Using pragmatic test and learn techniques we offer a variety of options to allow you:

  • to understand how digital affects your industry, customers and competitors

  • to explore the possibilities of digital in all aspects of your business - internal, external stakeholders and employees

  • to develop the concept of digital within your own boundaries, from initial learning to developing business ideas.


We are always looking ahead to anticipate what is next.  This innovation-led approach allows us to help our clients develop and innovate quickly to achieve immediate benefits.  It makes it easier to introduce new ideas and digital concepts easier; they have a more positive impact and support a more sustainable long-term roadmap.

Kick start your digital experience for your business with a digital lab, which gives you:

  • Access to digital experts with knowledge that is relevant to your business.

  • A high level map of how and where digital can help you - including customer touch points, critical assets, processes, resource and systems with digital opportunities.

  • Stimulation and priorities for digital initiatives relevant to your business.

  • Alignment of all your stakeholders who attend.

  • Visibility of possible next steps and what will be needed.

  • Specific information on technology and insights that meet your needs.

Depending on your requirements and location a digital lab can be complimentary for existing clients so contact our digital team today for more information or to discuss how we can tailor a session that fits your exact requirements.


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Start small, test quickly and learn fast.

Digital development team

Our teams are experienced in many aspects of business management and change. We utilise these capabilities and digital methodologies to provide pragmatic advice, support and development capabilities.

Working on projects already in flight, with your teams, on specific projects we always ensure that the activity is right for your business, your team and your industry. We deploy a team that fits your businesses digital maturity, in house capability and budget expectations to ensure successful delivery of any digital project.

The technology agnostic approach allows us to work in all areas of a business objectively, from business strategy definition and development, initial customer engagement, business process development and improvement through to supply chain and customer fulfilment. All of which is supported by strong data and technical capabilities.

Interested in how we can help exisiting projects and programmes of work, or would like more information click here.

Case study: Healthcare NHS


Centrally managing the occupancy and support services for hundreds of beds with automated technology, live reporting/monitoring and minimum  use of resources.

Case study: Traditional retailer


Transforming a paper based home retailer to become a digital first retailer through the use of digital and changes in back office processes to  engaging with customers,

Case study: Supply chain


Improving the speed to market and operational efficiency of a metal distributor by removing paper processes in physical warehouse, transport and logistics operations.