We help you optimise your business by transforming your service operations, contact centres and back offices, branch operations and mobile workforces.


Our experience with businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe has shown that the fastest and most significant improvements occur when lean methodologies are supported with the right technology.  Our extensive experience in lean process design and implementation is combined with a pragmatic use of IT and technology so that our clients to see immediate benefits, and have a plan for sustained future improvements.


In our many successful assignments we have seen the importance of aligning processes and structures, which enables people to work smarter, and of getting functional departments to cooperate more smoothly on such activities as introducing new products and sales and operations planning.  People naturally elaborate work rather than simplify it, which creates waste that must be removed by improving processes.


Collinson Grant has the knowledge and experience to see what needs to be done differently, and we have the softer skills to overcome resistance and enlist the support of the people who have to make the changes work.

We use many techniques - Lean, Six Sigma, and analysis of process, activities and tasks - to determine the changes that can improve the way work is done.  The basic goal is almost always the same, to achieve better financial results by increasing effectiveness, removing wasted effort and raising productivity to help cope with new, more challenging, circumstances.


Our services include:

  • Introductory workshop and knowledge sharing.

  • Digital transformation.

  • Process design, improvement and implementation.

  • Automation and technology integration design and implementation.

  • Workforce planning.

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Customer service

Providing engaging customer service that meets customers' expectations but also satisfies the commercial appetite of a business is a challenge.


It can be costly and even prohibitive to use your existing methods to respond to ever increasing customer demands.  This is particularly evident in organisations that have multiple contact points for transacting with and servicing customers.


If the technology and data are not in place to support the single customer view or enable customer self-service then complex customer journeys can quickly become labour-intensive to manage and disappointing for customers.  This can be compounded as customers become more channel literate and demanding in their engagement expectations.


We aim to create engaging customer experiences that use of your existing organisational structure and technologies, but provide immediate improvements.  This quick win approach removes immediate pain points and provides insight into the behaviour of your customers, employees and business processes.

Through a collaborative design process we then respond to customer needs with better business processes, new technology and digital solutions.


Our services include:

  • Service review and satisfaction auditing.

  • Defining and developing the single customer view.

  • Service design and implementation.

  • Digital transformation.

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For many years we have helped organisations achieve reduced design cycles, faster time-to-market and lower costs in highly competitive markets.  We now also do this with the help of digital methodologies and technologies.


Many industries are only now beginning to realise the impact of the digital revolution.  However, the benefits that digital methodologies and working practices can bring to manufacturing are already providing significant competitive advantages.  By increasing the pace of design and innovation, reducing the costs of production and maintenance, and increasing the impact of marketing, businesses are able to understand in more detail what products to focus on, how to manufacture them efficiently and how to manage them accurately.


We believe that every manufacturing business should be asking these questions:

  • How will digital disrupt my industry in the next five to ten years, and how will it affect my business?

  • What is the value of my current product portfolio and how can I maximise it?

  • Can we improve the way we manufacture?

  • Can we develop new products competitively with what we have today?

  • What new capabilities, skills, and culture will we need in our organisation?

  • How will we identify, recruit, and retain the right new talent?

  • What should we try now to start capturing this value?


You don't need to be a fully integrated digital business to take advantage of the benefits that innovation can bring, but as more and more businesses begin to make real progress, not doing anything is becoming more and more risky.  One thing seems certain: in marketplaces where profit margins are thin and consumers demand ever more sophisticated products and better service, digital will lead some companies to success quickly, while slower moving competitors fall further behind.


Our services include:

  • Analysing and optimising manufacturing.

  • Analysing and optimising the product lifecycle.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) - design and implementation.

  • Supply chain auditing.

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Supply chain

We help you get more from the supply chain.


The diversification and changing nature of customers' requirements are increasing the demands on the supply chain.  Some companies try to adapt to the challenges through incremental change, but without full end to end visibility this can be risky, labour intensive and costly.


Many organisations are now asking themselves:

  • Have we got visibility of the end to end supply chain, the associated activity and costs?

  • Can we operate in a predictive manner or are we governed by a reacting to operational demands?

  • Can we automate?


We can help answer these questions and look at improving your supply chain.  We start by reviewing the current supply chain, making recommendations and helping to implement changes that generate savings, create stronger controls that enable you to manage better or streamline your working practices.


Any changes we recommend aim to serve customers better with lower costs.  By using technology and digital approaches, we improve the control of interactions between the buying and selling sides of a business and ensure they work in alignment. 


This can be achieved through incremental test and learn projects or as part of a comprehensive change programme built around a long-term roadmap.


Our experience includes:

  • Consolidating the UK supply chain for leading distributors.

  • Reviewing UK and European warehouse operations for major suppliers to the retail and distribution markets.

  • Improving customers' ordering processes, product planning and service for a market leading lighting manufacturer in Europe.

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Future proof IT


In our experience most effective change within a business often requires information technology.  Are you confident that your current IT can help you translate your future business strategy into an appropriate technology strategy?


Many see IT as a necessary source of cost rather than a way to drive innovation and change.  Any change in IT can involve changing network architecture, hardware, software and how data are stored and accessed, all of which can have a dramatic impact on a business and require sizeable investment.


At Collinson Grant we consider IT in the context of your business and what it wants to achieve in the future.  We can review the IT function within a business and assess its maturity to support workflow, business rules, automation and - perhaps most importantly - corporate culture.  We recommend steps the department can take to transform from being reactive and inflexible to becoming a more pro-active, flexible part of the business that can respond quickly to changing business requirements. 


These recommendations can be as simple as changing the function's perception of end users from 'problems' to 'customers'.  But all our suggestions will be designed to change the way it supports the wider business and its long term strategy.


Cybersecurity, standards and compliance

A major cybersecurity event can affect many parts of your business and severely damage its reputation. 


We see data and security as pivotal parts of the IT function, but neither should be owned entirely by IT.  Our IT review process considers both data and security, ensures that it is integrated in management and governance processes and that integration is extended deep into the technology environment.  We make recommendations on protection for your most important assets.

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